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Flexible Resource

IT service providers are demanding easy and transparent access to resources. A way to balance flexible resource with fixed resource at times of peak business demand. To balance this equation is to ring fence costs, deliver margin and create a scaleable infrastructure.

Lombard ISL delivers this capability to you through our virtual project resourcing services.

Virtual Resource

Virtual resource means that you the customer is not paying for engineers in our organisation that are not working. We resource only against contracts and revenue. The service we provide is what you want and not what we want to sell.

This means: -

  • Infinite resource: Local or nationwide projects.
  • Flexibility: Skills resourced for all IT disciplines for your needs.
  • Scaleable structure: Focussed around your requirement.
  • Transferable: Portable and flexible in meeting your diverse needs.
  • Responsive: Satisfy your needs and resource shortfalls within days or even hours.

Services are tailorable and non-prescriptive. Freed from the baggage of high cost, fixed service infrastructures we approach your project resource issue with a blank canvass. We are providing the service you want not one that we have to based upon a pre designed structure. Like a chameleon our resource becomes at one with your resource – part of your infrastructure. You achieve the optimum balance between fixed and flexible resource. We flex your capacity to deliver projects with a flow of resource that you turn on and off like “water from a tap”.

The benefits we describe above become your benefits giving you the winning edge in a highly competitive market.

Proven Services

We can show demonstrable proof of concept, proof of delivery, repeat client incomes and annual returns on our business investment. All are supported with excellent client testimonials and public domain results. We are a partner to many national and global Service providers.


The successful implementation of our services is based around retained skilled consultants who have previously worked in senior positions in the industry and have a thorough appreciation of today’s business pressures.

Project Services

The competitiveness and complexity of the IT marketplace creates a turbulent business environment. IT service providers experience periods of growth and periods of recession. These cycles impact your infrastructure and the ability to flex in response to growth or shrink in response to recession.

In a growth environment Lombard ISL can fill the resource gap by extending your infrastructure, delivering projects (end to end) and mitigating the impact of rising demand for your services.

In a recessive environment we reduce your costs (your bottom line) by delivering projects at a fixed cost. The cost of a project is “ring fenced” and resources deployed only when supported by revenue. We will even guarantee your margin via our partnership programme.

Projects include:

  • Helpdesk
  • Rollouts/Implementation Projects
  • Retrofits
  • Hardware Installation and Upgrade
  • Moves and Changes
  • Platform Migrations
  • Configuration and Image download
  • Maintenance (break fix)

We offer two pricing models: Fixed Price or Percentage Margin.

Fixed Price

Fixed prices for delivering projects, engineer skills, contractors and recruitment.

Percentage Margin

Through our Partnership Programme we will guarantee you a percentage margin on your projects. Based upon site of all the project parameters and the open sharing of information we will deliver the project and return to you an agreed guaranteed margin. In other words relax and let us manage the project.


We believe that your requirement is a fundamental precursor to providing services. This is the basis on which we create a partnership with you that will prove long lasting and successful. Our approach is not to take a “we know best” attitude but to listen, discuss and agree in full consultation with you the most effective service to meet your business needs.


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